August 1, 2014

DALL Members,

The  107th American Association of Law Libraries annual conference in San Antonio brings home the idea that all law librarians are  facing a constantly changing environment. My conference experience began with an all-day Chapter Summit Meeting on Friday, and AALL Leadership training on Saturday. Both day’s meetings were filled with much need information and opportunities to meet other chapter leaders and AALL board members.

One highlight of the conference was keynote speaker Andrew Keen, who presented on “Disrupting the Disrupter” and whose presentation was both interesting, thought provoking, and very much in tune with the conference slogan “Beyond Boundaries.” His speech gave way to some interesting conversations on Sunday.

As with many conferences, there was plenty of interesting program to attend, too little time in the day and many conflicts. Despite all this, I managed to pinpoint a few presentations that were a “must” on my list. A few such were “CI Essentials: Pushing Research Boundaries, Empowering the Next Generation of Law Librarians, Leveraging SharePoint for Library Services, and Coping Strategies for Library Service Providers.” Our own Kevin Miles was part of a panel presenting on “Emerging Issues in Copyright: What You need to Know.”

Our mission this year is to continue to provide innovative and informative educational programs to stay in tune with our changing environment. Program Chair, Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet has some great programs planned for the 2014 – 2015 year. Our monthly meetings are important not only for the information presented, but they also allows all our members to network socialize, reconnect with each other, but also to stay current with changing information needs, resources, and remain well informed.

On that note, I encourage all DALL members to make suggestions about program topics, and other ideas you may have for improving and growing our chapter.

This AALL conference is not my first, however, it is my first time fully participating in the conference. It was a wonderful learning experience.


Charlotte Thomas
Dallas Association of Law Librarians