June 1, 2014

Dear DALL Members:

It is hard to believe one year has flown by so quickly. One Thursday afternoon in spring 2014, I received a call from Liz Petty asking if I would consider serving as Vice President / Program Chair of DALL. I listened keenly as she gave me a brief summary of what was expected of me, and asked if I could think about it overnight. I spoke to two friends asking their thought on this venture – both said, “you can do it, go for it.” I made the decision then and there that I would accept. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, the saying “ignorance is bliss” could have been applied to me and rightly so. Had I known then what I know now, I would have responded with a resounding no thank you, I’m too busy, or some other excuse. However, in doing so I would have missed out on a wonderful and rewarding opportunity.

I am immensely grateful to my fellow DALL officers, committee members, vendors and speakers for your support, participation and well wishes when I took on the role of Vice President / Program Chair. Thank you to Kathy Dunagin for nominating me for Vice President /Program Chair, thank you for having confidence in my abilities. Thank you to Liz Petty for making that telephone call, for fielding my many questions and for being supportive throughout this past year. Thank you to Candace Cathey my immediate Past President for the opportunity to serve as Vice President / Program Chair.

Congratulations to our new board members.

      Vice President - President Elect / Program Chair - Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet
      Second Vice President / Newsletter Editor – Kathy Dunagin

      Treasurer – Liz Petty

      Secretary – Karen Dibble

I am truly honored to serve as President of DALL., and look forward to working with the new Board and Committee Chairpersons. The next few months will be busy with AALL conference coming up shortly in July, and plans for more interesting educational programs for the fall and spring. Last year we aimed to bring you new and exciting educational programs and hope to continue on that trend.

I thought all last year about a slogan and could not pinpoint one that covered my vision for DALL. This year I encourage even more member participation, not only by attending monthly luncheon meetings, but by sharing ideas, suggestions, and increasing our membership. I want all of us to reach out to encourage former members as well as non-members join our organization, to share what DALL is all about. If you have ideas for professional development, or other events, please communicate your ideas to me or to our new Vice President-President Elect Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet. I hope we can continue to share the wealth of knowledge as we have through networking, learning, and growing this organization to become even more outstanding.

Charlotte Thomas
Dallas Association of Law Librarians